“Before my pregnancy, my understand of a doula’s purpose was nominal. I knew that they supported a woman through the childbirthing process, but, being my first pregnancy, I was unaware of how much support I would actually need. 

The warm and positive energy exuded by Kaeleigh Terrill made me feel immediately comfortable working with her as my doula. To say I didn’t know how much support I would need is an understatement. Kaeleigh was my point person throughout two weeks of prodromal labor, checking in on me daily and offering words of encouragement when I was feeling let down by my body’s refusal to progress. During our first few meetings we discussed how my pregnancy had been progressing, my feelings about childbirth, and my birth plan. Noting my love of yoga, Kaeleigh and I continued to meet and review different positions my partner and I could utilize during the birthing process. We experimented with a rebozo, and Kaeleigh lent us her birthing ball after showing us how it could be used to encourage labor.

During my labor, Kaeleigh provided precisely the right amount of support. When I needed her, she was there; when I needed space, she respected my wishes. When I felt stuck and the nurses were discouraging, Kaeleigh explained in layman’s terms what my body was doing and suggested ways to progress the labor. She was supportive of all decisions I made throughout my labor, supportive of my partner, and advocated for me when discussing my wishes with the doctors at Holyoke Medical Center.

I thought a doula was simply a support person during labor, but Kaeleigh was much more than that. By supporting me prior to my labor, we developed a relationship that allowed me to trust her more than the doctors whom I barely knew, thus creating a significantly more comfortable birthing environment. Her calm and positive energy helped me to remain calm and positive during one of the most stressful and exciting moments of my life. Kaeleigh Terrill embodies everything one would hope a doula to be, and I plan to recommend her to any and all expectant mothers I come in contact with.”

Becca Z., 2/28/18


“I could not I could not have given birth to my second baby without Kaeleigh. I thought second labors were supposed to be “easier” and though mine was much faster than the first time around, it was a rollercoaster ride of super speedy dilation that I could hardly keep up with. Kaeleigh provided constant attention, calm but deeply focused moral support, and actual physical support — she kept her hands on my lower back through EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION. This made the pain manageable in a way I cannot describe. I’ve not had an epidural but I would say Kaeleigh came as close to being a human version of one as any human can get. Kaeleigh was easy to reach when my labor started and advised us when to leave for the hospital, which we needed, since the rules of the first birth didn’t apply. When Kaeleigh met us in triage, she was warm but got right to work, easing the pressure of the contractions and checking in with me on how I was doing. She reminded me throughout that I was capable and that my body was doing exactly what I needed it to, which was hugely relieving, given the overwhelming pace of the labor and me being convinced I couldn’t keep up without interventions. The moment I remember best, though, was during the pushing. I’d told Kaeleigh that with my first baby, I pushed for 3 hours and, ultimately, the midwife brought a doctor in to do a vacuum extraction. It was super painful and, in the moment, demoralizing, after a 24 hour labor and just SO MUCH pushing. So, as I was pushing my second baby out, I yell-sobbed to my husband, “I can’t do this,” and Kaeleigh said, softly but firmly, “This isn’t last time. You can do this.” She hit the nail on exactly what I didn’t realize I was feeling in that moment. I had so much fear about what my body didn’t do last time and Kaeleigh saw that. She released something for me. After 20 minutes, I had pushed my baby out. I can’t thank Kaeleigh enough for helping me overcome that trauma. She’s an insightful, gifted, and committed doula!”

– Katie S., 2/21/2018


“Our birthing experience and journey leading up to it, wouldn’t have been the same without Kaeleigh.  I learned at 35 weeks that I would have to be induced at 37 weeks, after having developed gestational hypertension.  As one can imagine, whatever birth plan my wife and I had only started to expect, went straight out the window!  We first met Kaeleigh shortly thereafter and immediately our fears and anxiety about induction and what we didn’t know were put to ease.  Kaeleigh has a calming and warm energy.  We called her when the contractions had built up and after the epidural was given to me. 12 hours later, our baby boy was delivered by c-section.  Turns out, the induction never took and my body stalled out and our little guy wasn’t in any hurry to join us.  It was a long, intense and physical labor and Kaeleigh was there with us for the most challenging parts of it.  Everytime a doctor or PA or nurse came and left, my wife, Kaeleigh and I would confer on choices and the plan.  She stood right by my side through the ugliest and most primal parts of it offering hands-on support and encouragement.  She was an amazing coach for me in my labor and equally a coach for my wife (non birthing mom).  It felt special for her to see the baby again once we were home from the hospital and get that extra support for nursing.  Kaeleigh is an amazing asset to have in the birthing process and enthusiastically recommend her!”

– Olivia J., 1/13/2018


“Kaeleigh is warm, calm, kind and positive, all things you want and need when someone is helping you bring your first child into the world. My son took his sweet time joining us- 21 hours to be exact!- and Kaeleigh was there as soon as we asked her to be. I was able to labor at home for about 7 hours and Kaeleigh joined us at home about 4-5 hours in. She was in the back seat with me for the ride to the hospital birthing center while my husband drove. I had fairly painful back labor and need someone to push on my lower back during contractions. Either Kaeleigh or my husband were there for EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION. I was able to labor without interventions for 19 hours and I don’t think it would have been possible without Kaeleigh. She was there the moment I needed her, and if I needed space- she sensed that as well. Besides being an amazing support to me, my husband will often say what an incredible support she was for him. I am so thankful to have had her at our birth. She also took a couple AMAZING pictures of the three of us right after the birth. I wholeheartedly recommend Kaeleigh as a birth doula and postpartum doula . Any family would be lucky to have her.”

– Sarah M.11/12/2017 


“Kaeleigh is one of the warmest, compassionate, and caring individuals I have ever had the distinct pleasure of meeting. Our experience collaborating with her as our doula made us feel calm and knowledgeable (which isn’t easy for first-time parents). K was punctual for all of our meetings, supportive, well informed and provide us with the kind of emotional, and at times spirtual, reinforcement we needed throughout the birthing process. I have no hesitations or reservations recommending Kaeleigh for any expecting parents-to-be. Jason (first-time father.)” 

– Jason S., 8/8/2017


“Kaeleigh is an amazing postpartum doula! She’s incredibly professional and our daughter absolutely loves her. Whether going above and beyond during tummy time or cooking up a delicious feast — Kaeleigh always brightens our day!!

– Jessica D. M., 4/1/2017


“Kaeleigh provided me with much much needed post partum support after my daughter Mia was born. Not being from NYC all of my and my husband’s family and most of our support network live abroad. We were therefore extremely thankful to have kind and helpful Kaeleigh around for a few hours a day to assist with the baby (our firstborn!), letting me catch up on some sleep, errands and matters around the household. I can recommend her to everyone!!”

– Lisa H., 4/19/2016