Episode 3

“Welcome back to the Wild Womb Podcast. Episode 3!! This week features Tanya Wills, homebirth midwife and founder of Manhattan Birth. Tanya has an alphabet’s worth of credentials (CNM, IBCLC, WHNP) as well as being a mother herself! Tanya is a CHAMPION for women’s health and is working tirelessly front and center to change the framework and discourse around reproductive health for women. She is a role model of mine and I am thrilled to have had this conversation. We get to hear all about how she got to this work and all the magic she’s creating on the daily. Tanya is reframing how we think about birth with her no-bullshit and “no purple crystals” approach. Working with her has left me feeling informed, completely unjudged, and supported in making my own health choices- which has inspired me to do a better job with the same for my clients. Reach her here: www.manhattanbirth.com/ and on social media @manhattanbirth xoxo”


Tanya began her journey into birth work after she switched from an OB to a homebirth midwife after week 34 of pregnancy with her first child. Tanya is self-proclaimed “unqualified” to have a spiritually transformative home birth experience, yet she did. All she asked for her experience was for everyone to get out of her way and sometimes hold her hand, that is exactly what they did- she birthed her baby and this experience changed her forever, inspiring a leap into the world of birth work. Tanya became a doula just six months post-partum and felt strongly compelled to become a midwife. She found herself at Yale, making her way through their nurse midwifery program. She simultaneously became an IBCLC, going on to work and learn with homebirth and nurse midwives in a birthing center in New Jersey. Tanya now primarily works as a homebirth midwife and runs Manhattan Birth. Manhattan Birth offers comprehensive childbirth education to people having all types of births, lactation services, doula services, lactation and mama support groups, counseling and well women care. She can do a pap smear without a speculum, and I strongly suggest anyone needing some radical well women care- CALL HER!

Tanya is a true champion of women’s health and I am so fortunate to have gotten to speak with her. Please feel free to reach out with feedback, as always I would love to hear from you.


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