You are embarking on quite the transformational journey. I am so excited that you found your way here.

Wild Womb

Wild Womb is backed by Kaeleigh Terrill, a certified full-spectrum doula and breastfeeding counselor. Wild Womb works in all homes, birthing centers and hospitals in and around NYC- supporting individuals and families as they navigate all aspects of their reproductive choices. Holding space and squeezing hips since 2014.


It couldn’t be more normal and natural, no matter how you are choosing to do it. At Wild Womb, I strive to provide you with evidence-based information so you feel confident, empowered, and educated as you make the best decisions for you. I believe in the strength of women and work to help reclaim intuitive power whilst unlearning fear and mistrust of our bodies.

As Your Doula

I am your hand to hold as you navigate this wild ride. I am, quite literally, your shoulder to lean on and I will do everything to have your back.

I am a certified doula and breastfeeding counselor serving individuals and families in all five boroughs of New York City (and sometimes outside, just ask!). I completed my doula trainings in 2014 with a midwife in Western Massachusetts and have since become a breastfeeding counselor.

I specialize in providing holistic and intuitive support to all types of individuals and families, in all settings.  I rely on movement and massage to help you get through the thick of labor. I want you to feel fully supported as you go through pregnancy, birth, and transition into parenting. This is huge, you are doing such an incredible thing and I want to help you feel as prepared and powerful as possible.

More About Me

When I am not doing doula work, I am working towards becoming a midwife and talking about reproductive health on my podcast! I also love yoga and cooking, which I have to say, is quite a handy hobby for post-partum.